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Bingo Mix

Up to 21 games by terminal and more games under development. From classical ones like Caramelo, Conecta Bingo or 5 Diamantes, up to the newest ones like PingüinoMania or La Parca, to R. Franco’s greatest hits like Neópolis and Burlesque.

  • Three monitors.
  • Spectacular stereo sound and light effects.
  • Button panel gaming interface, touchscreen and foot witch.
  • Central, easy to use FRANCO BINGO CAJA cash system.
  • Bill acceptor which allows players to insert credits directly in the machine without checking with the cashier.
  • Enabled for coin selector and coin and bill hopper to be installed.
  • Additional prizes for common games, progressive “Bingorama” jackpot and multilevel “ALICE” JACKPOT.
  • Multiple games in just one terminal. Easy change of game.

If you want more information about this machine you can download the handbook and the data sheet.