Live Lottery

The only Live Keno with a drawing machine in the world.
The players place a bet on the bet slip, picking up to 12 numbers or let the cashier pick for them.
The ticket connects to a cashiers’ desktop or portable POS so the player can retrieve their ticket immediately.
A live draw takes place every few minutes from our one of a kind drawing machine.


  • 1 to 12 winning numbers
  • Choose from 80 Numbers
  • 20 balls draw
  • Quick Pick Function
  • Live Draw every few minutes on the one of a kind drawing machine
  • Live Streaming Capability
  • Easy to Buy and Check ticket function
  • Progressive Jackpot function
  • Language, currency and draw period customization capabilities
  • Customizable Paytable
  • Cashier desktop and portable (tablet) function

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