R. Franco held its first Game Weekend at Google’s space for entrepreneurs

  • More than 50 developers, marketing experts and visual artist, who developed 10 unique projects, were involved
  • Game Weekend lies within R. Franco’s transformation strategy towards new digital business models, partly focused on supporting young talent within the entertaining industry


Madrid, July 4th 2016 – As we already announced days ago, Game Weekend was held last weekend in Campus Madrid, Google’s space for entrepreneurs in Spain. This first edition of R. Franco’s hackathon was attended by more than 50 professionals from throughout Spain.

After the presentation and creation of the teams, Game Weekend began with ThinkersCo’s Rafael Zaragoza’s workshop about creativity, focused on the figure of the user of games and applications. Then, Recreativos Franco’s head of digital content, Miguel Ángel Lázaro, launched the challenge: creating the prototype of a game with cash in and cash out. The countdown was on. The participants, supported at all times by experts from different areas, had 15 hours ahead to develop the winning project awarded with a €3,000 cash prize.

On Saturday at 9.00 p.m., after each team was presented, a jury of experts chose the winning project: TAKEN, developed by David Burgos, Jorge García, Pablo Arias and Alex Serrano. The special feature of this game and what the jury most liked was that the game is developed upon Google Street View, something very innovating in the gambling world. “These were two days of intense work, anticipation, ideas and laughter which borne fruit and which we hope to replicate in the future”, commented David Burgos, a member of the winning team.

The participants had the opportunity of meeting some members of Recreativos Franco’s team during a tapas dinner held at Google’s space.

Alejandro Casanova, R. Franco’s New Business Manager and CDO, was very happy and satisfied with the outcome: “We were surprised by participants’ level and the high quality of the projects. We would wish to say thank you for the wonderful welcome given to this initiative and the help provided by our own and external co-operators.”

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A transformation towards digital technology

Franco is a leading multi-national company with more than 50 years experience which offers technological solutions and products for every subsector of the entertaining industry –hotel and restaurant premises, arcades, bingos, casinos, betting and on-line gaming– providing its clients with a global and unique leisure experience.

The company recently created the New Business division, guiding R. Franco Group’s transformation towards new digital business models. The three foundation pillars that support the on-line strategy are on-line operation, game development and distribution and platform-based products.

This is added by the active participation of R. Franco in innovating and pioneering projects. Game Weekend is part of R. Franco’s new strategy intended to support young people who share the company’s goals: to make the entertaining world reach the largest possible number of people.

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