• Intended to support up to 30 startups a year with its Incube and Accelerate programmes
  • Its vertical proposal focuses on videogaming, betting and gaming startups
  • The Wanajump Accelerate programme will award every participating startup with €25,000
  • For its presentation, Wanajump organises a round table on the role of corporate accelerators

October 27th 2016: The R. Franco Group continues to strengthen its position in the digital world and launches Wanajump, a startup incubator and accelerator designed and created to support videogaming, betting and gaming-related projects.

Wanajump offers two programmes: Wanajump Incube, which focuses on startups with an idea and a multi-disciplinary team. For a 6-week term they have training, mentoring, working space and other means of support to facilitate the development of their service, product or prototype and subsequent introduction into the market. Wanajump Accelerate is a 4-month programme addressed at startups which already have a service or product in the market. Just like the startups which take part in Wanajump Incube, they may benefit from all the aids offered by the company but, in addition, each one receives funding amounting to €25,000.

Wanajump will have three annual calls to support up to 30 startups a year: 12 for the Incube programme and 18 for the Accelerate programme. The company will put at their disposal some 1,000 m2 of working space that they will share with R. Franco Group’s digital area, thereby providing for harnessing potential synergies. Each programme will conclude with a DemoDay where startups will be able to present their projects to potential national and international investors.

On the occasion of its presentation, Wanajump organises a round table entitled “Corporations and startups, friends or foes? The role of corporate accelerators” where renowned representatives of the entrepreneurial and innovative world will talk about the role of corporate accelerators.

Participants in the round table will include Pepe López de Ayala, Director of Twitter Spain; Miguel Caballero, CEO, Tutellus; Ángel Saénz de Cenzano, Director of Innovation of Microsoft Spain; Francisco Alcaide, author of the book “Aprendiendo de los Mejores” (Learning from the best ones); and Chema González, founder of AlterKeys and former CSO at Bemate.com; moderated by Helena Díez-Fuentes.



One of the greatest benefits for the startups which take part in Wanajump’s programmes, as regards their future business development, is that they will be able to have first hand access to the knowledge, expertise and resources provided by the R. Franco Group and its brands:

  • advice about the business structure of private gaming in Spain and in international markets;
  • access to the regulatory framework and to the industry regulator;
  • possibility to incorporate its service or product to the Group’s services and products supply, both online and retail;
  • training and counselling by engineers, mathematicians, developers and other experts from the Group;
  • technology transfer;
  • reputational value contributed by the relationship to the brand.



Wanajump’s main strengths include the specialisation of the training programme and the mentor team. Following the analysis and identification of the most important areas where one gaming, videogaming or betting startup should stand out, Wanajump has searched for the best professionals in each field:

  • Miguel Caballero, CEO and Founder of Tutellus – Mentor of online sales
  • Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Caveda, Director of Operations at @3AWW – Mentor startup public relationships
  • Luis Díaz del Dedo, Founder of Growth Hack Spain – Mentor in Growth Hacking
  • Miguel Ángel Lázaro, Product Owner at R. Franco Digital – Mentor in technology and game design
  • See all mentors in wanajump.com



Wanajump Accelerate is a programme to accelerate startups comprising a multi-disciplinary team which also have a service, product or prototype in the market. Each one of them shall receive €25,000 worth of funding, will work at Wanajump space for a four-month term and will receive training from the best mentors and experts in different subjects.

The training will include the following areas: metrics, KPIs and analytics, game design, visual design, videogames monetisation, growth hacking, SEO, ASO, finances, seeking funding, storytelling and many others.

In addition, each startup will be awarded with 20 hours of individual mentoring to be used as they wish and according to their needs.

The acceleration period will conclude in a DemoDay, a great opportunity for contacting relevant investors. Startups will then have the opportunity to present themselves and show their services, products or prototypes to national and international investors.



Wanajump Incube is intended to provide embryonic startups with the opportunity to receive training for 6 weeks in order to develop a first prototype or product of its idea. They should have a multi-disciplinary team, comprising at least one developer and a business or marketing expert.

During the incubation period, startups receive training on different areas: creativeness, game design, visual, presentations, etc. In addition, they have 10 hours of individual and tailor-made monitoring with the mentors of their choosing and whenever they need.

As with the Accelerate programme, Incube startups will have the opportunity to take part in the DemoDay, where all startups from both programmes shall coincide on the same date and at the same time.