Arcade / Bingo

Wide range of products to cover and meet the
needs of all types of customers.


Link of gods

Bingo Mix

On Mix Evolution

Get closer to the entertaining world of Rocket Link with this new and most attractive multi-station.

5-Reel slot multi-post and multigame with 25 to 50 paylines and common progressive jackpot for game terminals.

The first multiplayer videobingo of Spain. Every new games in just one terminal. The player chooses his favourite game.

A multigame model whose business and monetary transaction logic lies in a central server rather than within the machine. The machine is a mere patron communicating with both the
hardware and the player.

Wide product range to reach all types of customers. They focus the product according to the existing public profile in each area through market studies.

A guarantee of success that, together with the multi-station configuration of the products, the optimal management of the space within the room, the training of the staff and the continuous dynamization of the games, maximizes the profitability of the business.