1. The delivery of items (machines, boards, etc.) for repair does not constitute a deposit contract.
  2. No repaired item will be delivered if the amount of the repair is not previously paid (art. 1730 of the Civil Code).
  3. The repaired items must be removed within a maximum period of THREE MONTHS, from the date of notice from RECREATIVOS FRANCO, S.A.U.; once this period has elapsed, RECREATIVOS FRANCO, S.A.U. is not responsible for their delivery.
  4. The client has the right to request a budget prior to the repair, this is valid for twelve business days. In the case of not requesting it, it is assumed that it is waived. It must include the details of the repair to be carried out (the elements or components to be replaced or repaired, the price to be paid, the date, the customer and the identification of the part or machine). Only in the event that once made, the client rejects the quote, you can be charged for it. Also, you will be returned
    parts in the same condition in which you left them.
  5. The warranty period for the repair is one month from the date indicated on the delivery note.